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Calgary SW Dentist in Signal Hill offering general, family, emergency, cosmetic, and children dentistry. Direct billing insurance available and extended hours.
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Direct Insurance Assignment

Direct Insurance Billing

(“Direct Insurance Assignment”)direct-billing-dental-calgary-sw, direct-insurance-dental-calgary, dental-calgary-sw, dentist-signal-hill-calgary

At Signal Hill Dental Centre, we do our best to ensure smooth and easy transactions for all of our clients. To best assist our patients, we offer to collect the portion of their treatment that is covered by their private insurance plan, directly from that insurance company. Some exceptions apply, such as with insurance companies that are unable to offer direct billing.

Due to the Canadian Privacy Act in effect as of January 2004, most insurance companies will not release plan details to anyone except the policy holder.

Each insurance plan has different fee guides and different coverage levels.   For this reason, it is difficult for us to determine exact coverage levels for various services.  We will make every effort to estimate the insurance coverage that you have.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to know your plan.

We recommend treatment based on your oral health needs.  We will do our best to help with direct payment from your insurance provider and/or help with your insurance payment claims.